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1-on-1 or Small Group Personal Training

Are you tired of working out in a crowded gym, using boring exercise machines, and not getting the fitness results you want? For the past 4 years, Kelly Athletics has been a top Personal Trainer in Tempe with a focus in Weight Loss Training for women and Strength Training for men. Kelly has produced more success stories than any other Phoenix Personal Trainer in the East Valley. Kelly Athletics customers reach their goals through personalized diet & exercise programs in Tempe for fat loss, muscle gain, strength training, flexibility training, and/or balance training.

Other Fitness Programs

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer who understands your busy schedule and personal fitness needs? Kelly is a female Personal Trainer in Phoenix and Tempe who offers private Personal Training for women and men. Kelly Gibson is different from the typical gym trainer as she teaches proper exercise technique, pushes clients to their limits and helps people improve muscular endurance. Kelly Athletics has the best personal training program to help you get motivated, stay accountable, lose weight and keep it off. You can even get fit with Online Coaching!

Nutrition Coaching in Person or Online

Kelly Athletics is Tempe’s Leading Nutrition Coach with an expertise in plant-based diets, vegetarian diets, vegan diets, and gluten-free diets. Kelly is a Certified Nutrition Coach who works closely with her clients on any special dietary need such as food allergies, food aversions, sugar addiction, salt cravings, and low-fat diets! Kelly is proficient in creating customized menus and nutrition plans which are based upon vegan nutrition. Kelly is so determined to help people figure out how to get fit in Tempe that she developed affordable Personal Training packages & Nutrition programs that allow for a free sample meal plan. Kelly lost 75 pounds with post-natal exercise and vegan nutrition, which inspired her to open a fitness & nutrition business. Kelly is the most well-known Vegan Personal Trainer and Vegan Nutritionist in Phoenix (as a Certified Nutrition Coach) with the most vegetarian training clients in all of Tempe AZ.

Other Nutrition Programs

Kelly Athletics offers more than Nutrition Coaching Online and Email Check-ins for Accountability. Depending on your goals, Kelly will help you lose weight, build muscle, increase muscle size, tone muscles, enhance sports performance, improve balance, and create a healthy lifestyle with Plant-Based Nutrition. Kelly Athletics offers a FREE Nutrition Coaching or Personal Training consultation for weight loss, strength training, muscle building, or improving athletic performance. Kelly Athletics is the top vegan nutritionist and personal trainer in Phoenix! You can select one of five programs: General Weight Loss, Extreme Fat Loss, Strength & Muscle Building, Tone & Tighten, and Athlete's Performance. Nutrition Coaching AND 1-on-1 Personal Training can be tailored to these goals. Small Group Training is geared toward general weight loss and toning. Kelly Athletics was featured on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine and Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine!

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Location: 125 W Gemini Dr Ste E-10 , Tempe, AZ, US, 85283. Hours: 9:30am-7:15pm weekdays by Appointment Only. Phone: 480-270-4968. Email:

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