Fitness and Nutrition Plans for Weight Loss

You want to look good in your own skin, get rid of extra flab and tone up without getting bulky or losing your curves. You might be having a hard time reaching your ideal physique, because you have been conditioned to believe that self-control and restriction will bring success. Just like everybody else, you are lost in a world of misinformation. The media confuses you about how to lose weight. Weight loss ads are everywhere. Writers without credentials are promoting crash diets, doctors are recommending supplements or diet pills to magically burn off your fat, and weight loss procedures are promising a fast and easy solution. The reality is that these are not long-term solutions. As you may have experienced already, the promises people are selling you are fads with short-term results. You may lose a few pounds, but then the program ends or stops working. All of your hard work goes to shame, as you gain the weight back and then some. You’re left wondering what to do next and in a hurry to get back to where you were a decade ago. Fast solutions are now instilled in your mind, leading you to believe numerous myths about diet and exercise. You’ve lost trust in the system but you want to believe that someone out there can help.

By opening your mind to new solutions and digging deeper for answers, the truth can reveal itself. It takes time to heal, to build trust, and to realize that the next “proven system” you buy will not fail you. At Kelly Athletics you work side by side with me, a professional who has been through the struggles of losing weight myself.  n  I lost 75 pounds on my own weight loss journey five years ago! By dedicating nine months to getting healthy, I used science-driven research on fitness and nutrition to create a plan for myself and modified it week-to-week to optimize my results. I ended up being the cover girl on Woman’s World Magazine for my incredible transformation. That was my dream – to be the best me and to share it with the world. By investing in my program, you can start to become the success story YOU want to see. Whatever your dream is, I will customize a plan for you where you are now and where you want to be. I am not your standard fit pro who is selling the same generic plan over and over again, hoping it will work the same for everyone. I will give you the support, knowledge, and tools to succeed on your own path. Your weight will fall off inch by inch and your dream physique will finally be within reach. I challenge you to push harder, explore new strategies, and be a stronger you. Together we can begin your transformation with a unique weight loss plan. Get started here.

Personal Training

Are you tired of trying to lose weight but not getting fitness results? Try an Online Personal Training program at Kelly Athletics for a customized written workout plan to get stronger, high intensity interval training plans to lose weight faster, or a stretching plan to improve flexibility. Online Fitness Training programs are delivered to your inbox, and you have an Online Fitness Coach to support and motivate you. Fitness Coaching Online via phone, Skype, Facebook or email can help you build muscle, burn fat, perform better quickly and learn proper technique. Reach your goals through customized online training programs and vegan nutrition plans for fat loss, strength training, and flexibility training. For over 4 years, I have been a top Personal Trainer in Tempe Arizona specializing in weight loss for women and strength training for men. Not only have I experienced extreme weight loss and muscle build myself, but I have more client Success Stories than any other Personal Trainer in the East Valley. I started Online Training in order help more people get fit as they transition to vegan or plant-based nutrition. Try my online plant based fitness programs to get faster results.

Nutrition Coaching

Kelly Athletics is an Online Nutrition Coaching service with expertise in plant-based diets, nutrition for weight loss, food allergies, and more. I am a well-known Vegan Personal Trainer who follows a vegan gluten-free diet. After losing 75 pounds on my weight loss journey, I now coach people on how to lose weight and keep it off. My Plant Based Nutrition programs help dozens of meat eaters and vegetarians every year to transition to a more plant-based diet to lower body fat composition and feel better inside and out. As your Online Nutrition Coach, I will help you develop healthy eating habits that work within your budget and schedule. My Online Nutrition Plans specialize in weight loss, muscle build, improved health, and athletic performance. Online Coaching takes place on Skype, phone, Facebook, or email. Check out my 5-Star Reviews from satisfied customers (compare to a Vegan Nutritionist, Vegan Dietitian, or Vegan Coach). Whether you strive for a low-fat vegan diet or high-protein vegan diet, hire an experienced Vegan Nutrition Coach to put a nutrition plan into action and get results you work hard for. Get a FREE copy of printable vegan recipes. View Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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