5-Star Personal Trainer Reviews

Kelly is a Female Personal Trainer in the Phoenix area who also does Online Personal Training for women and men. Kelly teaches proper exercise technique, and pushes clients to their safest limits. Kelly Athletics has the best personal training programs to help you get motivated, stay accountable, and lose weight fast. Get Fit with a 5-Star Personal Trainer program! I’m confident you will want to give us 5 star reviews as well after trying us. “After a few short months of Personal Training with Kelly, and starting a customized meal plan, I lost over 95 pounds…” -Keitra H.

Plant Based Nutrition Plans

You may be searching for a “vegan meal plan”. I am not licensed to prescribe vegan meal plans to clients, but I do put vegan recipe plans together that can help!  I created the Vegan Challenge at Kelly Athletics, a plant-based nutrition plan full of plant based recipes, gluten free options, grocery lists, and a suggested weekly menu. Why? Because I want to set up my clients for success! Making vegan nutrition a part of your diet can benefit a client long-term and become part of a healthy lifestyle. The skills you can learn by following easy vegan recipes and easy vegan meal prep can last you a lifetime! Try my plant-based nutrition plans and 5- star personal trainer program to see how great you feel in a short amount of time. I cater my plans to vegan diets, vegetarian diets and gluten-free diets. “In only one month of fitness & nutrition programs with Kelly Athletics, I have lost 14lb on a plant-based diet…” -Clarissa C.

Plant Based Nutrition Coaching

Do you follow current diet trends and not sure which weight loss supplements, protein shakes, or bodybuilding supplements work the best? Hiring a Vegan Nutritionist or Vegan Dietitian might not be affordable, which is why Kelly Athletics offers easy to follow nutrition program for vegans and vegetarians (with gluten-free allergy-free options). Try my services! I am a female Nutrition Coach online who can provide a wide variety of meal ideas and nutrition lessons tailored to your weight loss goals. As a Vegan Personal Trainer, I specialize in plant-based diets and can help you create a healthy balanced diet for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free nutrition. Get Healthy with Plant Based Nutrition! “After two nutrition coaching sessions, I lost 8 pounds in 28 days on a plant-based nutrition plan…” – Jason A.

Fitness Coaching Reviews

If you are a busy mom who needs an easy diet plan and flexible workout schedule, fitness coaching online would save you so much time! Working with an in-home trainer or online fitness coach will give you the freedom to be a self-starter and get things done on your own time. I am a sports & fitness coach who creates customized workout plans and weekly fitness plans for clients. With a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Coach, you can bring your workouts with you and exercise whenever and wherever you want. With an Online Fitness Coach you can talk through your exercise habits and build printable fitness plans sent to your inbox. If this sounds good to you, request a free personal training trial or a free fitness coaching consultation to see if we are a good fit. Virtual Training and Online Coaching is a fast and easy way to stay accountable to your weight loss goals. “I lost 21 pounds, 16% body fat, and 20 inches in 2 months from Personal Training & Fitness Coaching with Kelly” – Angelyn R.

Corrective Exercise Training for Perfect Posture

I have a fully integrated Corrective Exercise program that prevents injury AND corrects movement impairments. This ultimately sets up Personal Training clients for the PERFECT posture and exercise form. Excellent exercise technique enhances results and reduces risk of injury. I provide a comprehensive movement impairment assessment, followed by stretching protocols. I create a thorough workout program with customized stretching booklets to re-educate weak muscles while working toward a client’s fitness goal.  I design programs to help you lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or improve speed… all while preventing a sports injury! I couldn’t recommend Kelly enough for any level of 1-1 OR group sessions. She helped me correct my posture over the course of a few months!” – Shawn W.

5-Star Personal Trainer for Small Groups

Are you looking for a program to follow with a workout partner for buddy training or small group training? If so, you’ve found the right trainer to help you lose weight or tone up. My Online Training and Nutrition Programs are the perfect solution for buddies or small groups. By working with 2-3 people, you will have fun, make friends, and get fit. Similar to one-on-one training and coaching programs, you get access to a 5-star Personal Trainer who makes working out an interesting and fun experience! Reviews about my group fitness programs: “I lost 40 pounds, 8% body fat, and 20 inches while doing Small Group Personal Training with Kelly…” -Cheyenne W.

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