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Jennifer K., Online Personal Trainer for Women client from Mesa Arizona

"Kelly is an amazing online personal trainer. Her fitness program is setup up to my needs and the weight loss goals I’m working on achieving. The flexibility of the written workout plans makes is a great option for not being able to commit to a fixed schedule. The weekly fitness coaching check-ins keep me motivated and to keep working out. Kelly is passionate about training and helping people reach their goals whether it be at home or the gym. Working out at home or exercising at the gym are options since she makes customized workouts. I have done both and really liked the variety of workouts that Kelly comes up with. No written workout is the same! Also, the instructions on exercise are in great detail so they are easy to follow. Kelly is approachable and willing to help and answer questions. The best online personal training - the results I’m achieving couldn’t have been reached without her help." Mar 2016-Present


Pam J., 28-Day Fitness Challenge client from Erie, Pennsylvania

" I had taken some of Kelly's fitness challenges. I loved that I could do it on my own time. I liked the variety of exercises that she gave. I also really liked the recipes she sent us. It helped me to stay on track with my health as far as eating habits, exercising more, and I liked to see the other members comments as it helped with motivation. Kelly was always there to help with suggestions and tips! Kelly was very much in tune with my needs!" July 2017-Sept 2017


Kim V., 28-Day Fitness Challenge and Fitness Coaching client from Scottsdale

"I first met Kelly Gibson about a year and a half ago. I had been searching for a Vegan nutrition coach and was so excited when I found her! Finally a personal trainer that isn't going to tell me I need to eat meat or dairy in order to build muscle! She provided me with information about plant-based foods, vegan supplements, caloric intake, and fitness training! After I had my baby in June I knew just who to go to for recipes and workouts! I just completed her 28 day fitness challenge and loved it!! She provided me with a full plan and some of the best recipes I have ever had!! I plan on continuing with her through her online fitness coaching and highly recommend her as a trainer and nutritional coach!" Mar 2016-Sept 2017


Molly C., Online Personal Trainer for Women client from Tempe Arizona

"When I first started online personal training with Kelly, we did a total body fitness evaluation. She determined I had posture imbalance during movement, then provided helpful recommendations to get me started on my weight loss journey including a free stretching plan to complement my workouts. I decided to get some inexpensive in-home exercise equipment for this program (instead of a gym membership) such as the balance board, light dumbbells, and ankle bands. Kelly incorporated all of the equipment I had for the workouts, plus focused all of the exercises on core and legs (like I asked). Many of the exercises are kicking my butt. I'm definitely in a sweat, and grunting along the way! I will definitely continue with Kelly as this is going perfectly. I am happy with this written workout plan because it was entirely customized to me and not a generic training plan that she sends to other people." - April 2017


Steve E., Online Personal Training in Los Angeles California

“I’ve been working with Kelly for a couple of months and I HIGHLY recommend her! Since she’s in Arizona and I’m in LA I train with her using her Written Workouts and Skype Training. The Written Workouts are personally prepared by her and tailored for each person. In the beginning, we used Skype because I was concerned that I might not be able to fully understand the exercises in her written workout plan without seeing them demonstrated, but Skype became unnecessary for me! Kelly’s Written Workouts are detailed, well-written, and easy to understand. I can actually understand the training exercises without needing to see them demonstrated. When I do have questions, Kelly is always available by e-mail and/or phone to answer them. She’s also been a big help in working with me on stretching properly (I’m working with a past shoulder injury).  I’m very happy with the way things have been going. I follow the workouts, then fill out the log sheet and e-mail it to Kelly. She analyzes it, and offers feedback and suggestions. She’s also VERY patient with people like me who may not love exercise. She doesn’t give up on you if you’re having some issues with missing workouts. She’s there to help you work through it, and she does it really well! A big plus is that Kelly is vegan! Definitely contact her if you need a trainer!” - Sept 2016-Present


Andrew, Online Personal Training Client from Tempe Arizona

"Kelly is a professional Personal Trainer who makes it her priority to help others reach their health and fitness goals. She takes the time to listen to what I want, and prepare and assist me with written workout plans that get me there. I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, and so her Online Personal Training plans are not a cookie-cutter design like you would find in a DVD workout program. She customized the online training plans for me! I lost 4 inches on my waist and 2.5% body fat in one month. Professionalism and reliability make her a perfect choice for anyone seeking to lead a healthier life.” -April to May 2012


Jaclyn O., hired In-Home Personal Trainer in Chandler Arizona

“I would recommend Kelly of Kelly Athletics to anyone looking for a female trainer. Kelly has been helping me on my road to a healthier lifestyle for the past several months. She is a constant support and encouragement in this journey. My strength and endurance have vastly improved. I feel as though I have never done the same exercise twice, Kelly makes each session new and interesting. She is also great at customizing the session to fit your individual needs such as past injuries or medical conditions. I’m so glad to have Kelly as a Personal Trainer. You won’t regret scheduling sessions with her!” - East Mesa Personal Training client for a Healthy Pregnancy and for Post-Natal Fitness, October 2014 - Apr 2017.


Teressa R., In-Home Personal Training for Weight Loss from Gilbert Arizona

"Kelly is an incredible trainer and I highly recommend her to anyone.  She takes time to get to know each of her clients, understand their goals, and personally motivate them towards success. Each workout is fun, as it is always different and challenging.  You consistently burn 500-600 calories an hour, and you can see results of the hard work in a short time.  Kelly tracks your progress, is encouraging, and always kind.  I highly recommend her to anyone with goals to be healthy, fit, and strong." Mar 2016-Present