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Success Stories & Customer Reviews:

Cheyenne, Mesa Small Group Training and Plant-Based client

“Kelly is a great trainer. I saw her twice a week for 5 months and she helped me lose 40 pounds. As a vegan myself, finding a trainer that also is a vegan is very helpful. She was very helpful with workouts that focus not just on weight loss but also strength training and other important aspects in health. She was also helpful in creating food plans for me to follow. I still keep in touch with her on Facebook. I would highly recommend her over other trainers.”
-Cheyenne W.
Mesa, AZ Nutrition Client
Vegan Coaching Services
January 2015 – May 2015

Angelyn R., Mesa AZ plant based diet coaching

“Kelly is very knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition and has been able to answer every question I have thrown her way. She has taught me how to eat a balanced diet and has taught me a healthy way to eat, which has aided in my 21-pound weight loss. But even more important, I feel stronger, more energized, and more fit than I have felt in 10 years.”
-Angelyn R.
Mesa Nutrition client
Plant-Based Meal Plans & Accountability Coaching
February 2013 – April 2013

Tracy, Ahwatukee Nutrition Coaching client

“Kelly of Kelly Athletics has been my Nutrition Coach for over a year. I have done 1:1 training, group training and nutrition coaching with Kelly, and am so grateful to her. When I started, I was just trying to get back into shape after having two babies. I have completed 2 half marathons in the past year, and lost over 12 inches. I actually look forward to meeting with Kelly. She has also given me a lot of valuable nutrition advice and helped me to adjust my diet to a gluten sensitivity. I feel more fit and energetic than I have in years!”
-Tracy L.
Ahwatukee Coaching Client
Completed Lessons & Accountability Sessions with Kelly’s Coaching
Jan 2014 – Aug 2015

Jason, Diet Coaching client in Scottsdale

“I completed 2 Nutrition Lessons with Kelly and I lost 9.2 pounds in only 28 days. She gave me a very detailed and easy to understand plant-based meal plan & exercise plan for fat loss, based on my lifestyle and my goals. Kelly has helped motivate me to create easy to make meals on my own and she helped me shred fat quickly.”

-Jason A.
Tempe Arizona client
Vegan Lessons & Fitness Coaching
Apr 1st-April 28th 2014

Clarissa, Mesa Training and Plant-Based Coaching client

“Kelly is very knowledgeable in nutrition and has many free resources available to help you stay on the path to good nutrition. She does not just give you a diet plan to follow; she provides nutrition lessons and helps you set specific nutrition goals for lifelong healthy eating. In just one month of meeting with Kelly for nutrition and fitness coaching, she helped me transition to a vegan diet and I lost 14 pounds. I really enjoy Kelly’s teaching style, and recommend her to everyone.”
-Clarissa C.
Phoenix Arizona Client
Completed Nutrition Lessons & learned how to create her own plant-based meal plans for her daycare
Sept 2013 – Mar 2014

Kayla, Online Nutrition Coaching Client from Texas

“I have been working with Kelly for around 5 weeks now and if it were not for her Nutrition Coaching I would be nowhere with my weight loss. Kelly has helped me make so many adjustments in my diet and has provided me with a plant based grocery list that will help me lose the weight I want to lose. Kelly is very knowledgable about eating healthy and I felt like I could trust her; so I listen to her and incorporate what she tells me to do in my daily activities. I lost 4 pounds in the first two weeks of Nutrition Coaching. I was going nowhere before I enlisted the help of Kelly Athletics as my go-to Nutritionist. Since I have been working with her I have continued to drop weight and inches. I believe this is the best investment that I have made in a while. Listen to Kelly and do what she says, as you will definitely get results! I recommend Kelly to everyone especially those who want to make major progress with their weight loss and diet.”
-Kayla S.
Online Vegan Lessons from Texas
Phone, Email, & Skype Coaching
Sept 2013 – Nov 2013

“I have known Kelly since 2009 as we went to college together. Up until this year, I was having some issues with my weight. I was not able to stay consistent with exercising regularly or eating healthy. Kelly shared her extensive knowledge of nutrition and fitness with me, and has helped me to eat much healthier. Overall my experience with Kelly has been awesome and I have never felt better with eating habits and healthy nutrition. Kelly is an extremely patient woman with a giant heart and passion to help people achieve pure happiness and optimum health. I’d fully recommend her to anyone looking for a lifestyle change and make a positive difference in their lives for the better.”
-Daniel D.
Online Coaching client from Pennsylvania
Online Coaching via Phone & Facebook Chat
Nov 2012

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