Woman’s World Cover Model

Kelly Athletics LLC featured as Woman’s World Cover Model

for their Magazine in the January 27 2014 Issue

Magazine Cover:


womans world cover model

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Story written by Woman’s World Magazine staff: “Breakthrough new study: This lifesaving diet lowers your obesity risk 300%! Lose 7 pounds a week – and prevent cancer, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and heart disease!”


Lower your obesity risk 300% with these nutrition tips

Free vegan meal plan with recipes, woman’s world mag
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Kelly was a Tempe Fitness Model or Fitness Model Tempe or Magazine Cover Model of Woman’s World Magazine; a Woman’s World Cover Story about a Vegan Athlete & Vegan Personal Trainer. Cover Story was about a Vegan Weight Loss Story, a Vegan Success Story with Yummy Vegan Recipes.  Kelly is an ASU Personal Trainer in Tempe, a West Mesa Personal Trainer and Ahwatukee Personal Trainer, Phoenix Personal Trainer and Vegan Personal Trainer, AZ Personal Trainer and Gilbert Personal Trainer, Chandler Personal Trainer and South Phoenix Personal Trainer.