Vegan Health and Fitness Featured Story with Kelly Gibson

In May of 2015, I got in contact with the writers at  Vegan Health and Fitness magazine.  I was invited to share my weight loss story in their upcoming issue, not long after being a Womans World cover model in January 2014. I was thrilled they VHF mag was interested in sharing my story!  I wrote about my experience transitioning from an unhealthy college student to a healthy fit mom! Copies were sold at local Whole Foods or Sprouts Farmer’s Market across Arizona and the US! Here is a copy of the article that was published in the July/Aug 2015 issue of Vegan Health and Fitness magazine:

Total Body Transformation Story featured in VHF mag.


Here’s a close-up of the photo I sent in, taken 2yrs after going vegan:

Kelly Gibson, my Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine Photo

I had a phenomenal outreach to the vegan community and to those transitioning to vegan. I hope that you are inspired by my story!  If you want to go vegan or try to transition to vegan, and learn how to eat a healthy plant-based diet for good, try my vegan challenge. Also, be sure to read my Womans World Cover Story from January 2014.

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