Online Nutrition Plans for Weight Loss

About My Online Nutrition Plans

I offer Online Nutrition Plans with nutrition coaching via email, call, text, and/or Skype. If you are trying to transition to vegan but don't know if you are getting enough nutrients on a plant-based diet, I can help! Start with a Nutrition Evaluation to try my Online Coaching services and get started on a vegan nutrition plan. For a more affordable coaching option, weekly Nutrition Check-ins also offer Accountability, Motivation, and Inspiration from me! With Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching, I have helped vegans and vegetarians lose weight, build muscle, increase muscle size, tone muscles, enhance performance, improve balance, and even create a healthy lifestyle. If you need a plant-based nutrition plan for a specific goal, I create Customized Menus to make counting calories and hitting macro goals easy as 1-2-3, and Vegan Recipe Plans to help you overcome sugar cravings and food allergies. If you're looking for someone to calculate calorie goals or calculate protein goals for you, my Nutrient Goal Calculator is just the thing for you! If you want to use a food tracker that makes it easy to hit calorie and macro goals, try my Macro Tracker tool that I custom designed (it can even be used as a vegan meal planner!) If you have questions before getting started, schedule a free Nutrition Coaching consultation to discuss your goals and together we can select a plan for weight loss, muscle building, or athletic performance.


Weekly Nutrition Plans

I take Nutrition Coaching to the next level. I specialize in vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and plant-based nutrition for weight loss. I take into consideration your diet history, food aversions, and other special needs to carefully design a unique nutrition plan that works for you. Photo by: Charles Bush

Online Nutrition Check-ins

With habit-based coaching in place, you can make a complete transformation by transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. I can educate you on developing healthy habits and making behavior changes that benefit you long-term.

Vegan Challenges

Try the 14 Day Vegan Challenge at Kelly Athletics. If you are looking for vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free meal plans, you will love these. If you're new to vegan eating, start with the 7 day vegan kickstart! My recipes are so easy that you'll never go back to cookbooks!

Plant Based Menus

Customized Plant-Based Menus, based on Foods you Like, Calories, Macros, free of any listed Food Allergens! If you're looking for a vegan meal plan or customized meal plan, this is an alternative solution for easy meal prep.

Calorie Goal Calculations

Try our Goal Calculator to set goals for Weight, Calories, Macros, and Heart Rate. If you are ready to eat healthy and lose weight, having specific goals to follow in a food tracker is a great start. Update your unique goals monthly with my fitness-engineered Goal Calculator tool.

Macro Tracker Tool

Try our Macro Tracker tool to help you monitor your protein, fat, carb, and calorie intake without any counting!  Monitor your progress with weekly nutrition check-ins. Send me your macro tracker tally charts once a week so I can help you stay on track. Build a meal plan with foods that meet your macro goals, instead of counting calories every day. 

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