The 14-Day Vegan Challenge: 100% Plant Based 

14-Day Vegan Challenge hosted by Kelly Gibson of Kelly Athletics LLC


A 14-day recipe plan at Kelly Athletics normally cost $120 if created for an individual, but to make our vegan meal plans more affordable I created the 14-day vegan challenge to bring people together and offer a HUGE discount!  The 14-day vegan challenge is only $28 per person!
  • The 14-Day Vegan Challenge includes 56 menu items, 24 Unique Recipes, and 2 wks of grocery lists !
  • Follow calendars with 3 meals and 1-2 snacks per day for 14 days.
  • Follow the same recipe twice per week, or prep ahead to save time!
  • Create your own recipes with leftover ingredients one day per week!
  • Use the same ingredients throughout the challenge to save money on groceries and reduce waste.
  • If you have food allergies, no worries! Substitutions are allowed for food allergies or medical conditions that restrict certain foods.
  • Join our exclusive private facebook group to compete for prizes, the jackpot is worth $5 per participant!* (Contest is optional!)
  • Have access to a Certified Nutrition Coach who can provide plant-based nutrition tips, keep you accountable, and motivate you!
  • Affordable, low-cost, no long-term contracts, no auto-payments, & no hidden fees! All you pay is $30, no other commitment.
  • Get 76% OFF a 2-Week Plant-Based Meal Plan by doing the 14-day vegan challenge!
  • Eat the foods that helped Kelly Gibson lose 75 POUNDS and land on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine in 2013 and in Vegan Health & Fitness magazine in 2015! She also was a finalist in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Contest 2015. You could be next!
  • This plan includes Gluten-Free Options for 100% of the meals. Other allergies & food substitutions are provided upon request*
  • Learn how to plan ahead, follow a grocery list, and prep meals! Stay on track by following a calendar with easy 1-2-3 meal ideas!
  • Compete with people on the same plan to win the grand prize! Note: Substitutions are allowed for food allergies & medical reasons.
  • Have fun, meet like-minded people, and post lots of photos! Every day post a selfie of your workout, and pics of your meals.
  • No cheating, no favoring, no gray areas. I make it, fair, fun, & easy to earn points!
  • I will help you succeed in following Plant-Based Meal Plans by making daily posts throughout the 28 days to keep you on track!
  • Join the Vegan Challenge Today! Just pay $28 and you’re in!!
  • If you purchase a Fitness or Nutrition Program that takes place during this contest, you join for 50% OFF!* Periodically, there may be giveaways throughout the contest on facebook!

Here is what You Get to Do:

  • Try 12 unique vegan recipes per week for 14 days, with 24 total unique meals. You get the opportunity to repeat each meal twice to practice the recipes and/or make use of leftovers. The Healthy Eating Challenge takees patience, time, and practice! But with motivation, dedication, and perseverence, anyone can do it!
  • During each week you learn 12 unique recipes, then repeat the same meal twice for good practice and/or easy meal prep. On “Sunday  Funday” you get to Create Your Own four vegan meals!  I give you one focus ingredient, and you can get creative.
  • The goal is to post every meal you make to match ingredients in the weekly menu,  with their designated facebook thread, and post workout selfies and other topics you would like to share about food you are making or workouts you are doing.
  • If you are short on time or ingredients, you can still post a vegan meal you ate that isn’t on the menu!
  • Motivational tips and challenges will be posted throughout the vegan challenge regarding nutrition or fitness.
  • This healthy eating vegan challenge will be a 14-day challenge with a support group and not a contest! Weekly and/or monthly giveaways may take place on the facebook group. 
  • I do NOT include calories or grams of protein/fat/carbs for the recipes; Everyone has unique calorie & protein needs, so I recommend that you track the meals on your own in myfitnesspal.  You could choose to include or exclude several ingredients in this plan; if you skip or change one ingredient the entire calculation is no longer accurate. An example of this would be “non-dairy milk” as an ingredient. Every non-dairy milk option has different calories and macros per serving, so the recipe could be different for every ingredient option.
  • Have fun, meet like-minded people, and post lots of photos! Every day you can share with the group what you did for your workout, and share photos of your meals!
  • I could calculate calorie and macro goals for you if needed by signing up online here.
  • For only 14 Days at a Time.  Take breaks between challenges to use up groceries and reset
  • Eat the foods that helped me lose 75 POUNDS and land on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine in 2013, appear in Vegan Health & Fitness magazine in 2015, and become a finalist in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Contest 2015. You can be a success story, too!
  • Learn how to plan ahead, follow a grocery list, and prepare your meals in advance! Stay on track by following a calendar menu!
  • Enter a support group where you can stay accountable with other participants following the same plan.
  • Join the 14 Day Vegan Challenge! Get 84% OFF the retail value of 2 Weeks of Menus, 24 unique recipes, & 2 weekly grocery lists. Compare to buying a customized plan for $60 per week! 
  • This plan includes Gluten-Free options for 100% of the meals. Allergy-friendly food substitutions are free upon request*
  • Have access to a Certified Nutrition Coach  in our motivational Facebook group who will give you plant-based tips, keep you accountable, and motivate you!
  • Admin and Plant-Based Nutrition Coach (Kelly Gibson) will be making daily posts throughout the 14 days to keep you on track! Join the Healthy Eating Challenge Today! This only costs $2 per day to join!! Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching customers on monthly programs can join for 50% OFF!
  • Weekly Giveaways may be announced in the Facebook group, based on the total # of active participants and winners can be picked at random or based upon mini-challenges posted at random.

To sign up now, go here!

*Disclaimer: This 2-week program is not to be taken as medical advice or a strict meal plan. Seek medical advice from a licensed physician prior to starting any new diet or exercise program. Customers must complete a waiver prior to receiving the menu. Any medical conditions or food allergies must be submitted on the waiver form in order to receive a food substitution; disliking an ingredient does not qualify you to get subs for multiple recipes. Substitutions do not mean getting an entirely new recipe, but just an easy ingredient to swap for another.  Fill out the waiver for the Healthy Eating Challenge rules prior to entering the facebook group.  Start date may be delayed if there is less than 10 participants signed up. No refunds allowed after electronically signing the waiver form. Call Kelly for details at 480-270-4968.