Online Personal Training Programs

Are you looking for an Online Personal Trainer? I am a female personal trainer who benefits women with busy schedules and help them reach fitness goals easily from home. As a Personal Trainer in Chandler AZ, I have 5 years experience training clients in person and developed the expertise to create online personal training programs available in the USA. With my personalized attention you can learn proper exercise technique as well as feel pushed to work harder.  Personally, I devote myself to my client's weight loss journeys. I have the best online personal training programs to help women get motivated and stay accountable. My clients make lifestyle changes to help them burn fat and live longer. My Written Workout Plans with Online Personal Training are easy to follow and completely customized. With online training, all the planning is done for you. 

For cardio, I create High Intensity Interval Training Plans that are designed to build endurance, burn fat, improve speed, or increase strength. To improve exercise form or to achieve posture correction, start with my Corrective Exercise assessment. Then I can send you Customized Stretching Plans to follow for improved posture, flexibility, and corrective strengthening. You can workout at home or print your workout plan for the gym. You can even get fit with Online Fitness Coaching as I educate you about science-driven exercise strategies that you can apply when planning your own workouts. Start Online Personal Training Programs with me today!  If you want to learn more about me, read my featured stories from Woman’s World Magazine.

Kelly Athletics is an Online Nutrition Coaching service with expertise in plant-based diets, nutrition for weight loss, food allergies, and more. I am a well-known Vegan Personal Trainer who follows a vegan gluten-free diet. After losing 75 pounds on my weight loss journey, I now coach people on how to lose weight and keep it off. My Plant Based Nutrition programs help dozens of meat eaters and vegetarians every year to transition to a more plant-based diet to lower body fat composition and feel better inside and out. As your Online Nutrition Coach, I will help you develop healthy eating habits that work within your budget and schedule.

For over 4 years, I have been a top Personal Trainer in Tempe Arizona specializing in nutrition plans for weight loss. I help women who want to lose weight and tone up with strength training. Not only have I experienced extreme weight loss and muscle build myself, but I have more client Success Stories than any other Personal Trainer in the East Valley. I started Online Training in order help more people get fit as they transition to vegan or plant-based nutrition. Try my online plant based nutrition plans for weight loss and fitness programs to get faster results.

Online Personal Training

With Online Personal Training programs, I customize written workout plans for you that you receive via email. Bring the workout with you to the gym or even exercise at home. Log your workouts then check in with me to monitor how you're doing. I will keep you on track and push you to do your best.

Interval Training Plans

High Intensity Interval Training Plan for Running. Receive a 28-Day Calendar with intervals based on speed, resistance, RPE, incline, etc

Online Stretching Plans

Improve flexibility, build strength, or correct any postural issue with a printable stretching plan. Corrective Stretching is useful for anyone who is currently working out, as muscles tend to get sore or tight without proper stretching.

Corrective Exercise

Is exercise technique and posture correctness important to you? If so, my movement assessment can help you stretch and strengthen mucles to perfect your form. Straighten out any postural distortion or movement impairment with Corrective Exercise.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching is a strategic approach to get you motivated with an exercise plan to follow. I teach you science-driven methods toward developing workout programs with proper exercise technique and progressions. Make the most out of your workouts with a Fitness Coach.

Online Fitness Check-ins

Check-in with your trainer or coach weekly to stay on track and make any adjustments to your exercise or diet plan. Fit Check-ins complement our other online personal training programs.

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