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Nutrition Services at Kelly Athletics can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and ideal physique with monitored food intake. Your goals could range from weight loss, to weight gain, to improved athletic performance. We create programs that can be tailored to your unique goals each week and adjust to new meal plans with delicious vegan recipes and challenges every month. Our services include Nutrition Coaching, Plant-Based Meal Plans, Vegan Challenges, Written Nutrition Plans, and Nutrient Goal Calculations. Request a Free Consultation for Nutrition Coaching at Kelly Athletics today!

Kelly Gibson is a well-known Plant-Based Nutrition Coach for Extreme Weight Loss. She creates Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes for any successful Plant Based Meal Plan. My Goal Calculations and Macro Tracker are incredibly useful for optimizing Vegan Fitness.  As an Online Vegan Trainer and Vegetarian Trainer, I am dedicated to your success with following vegan nutrition plans and even following my gluten free vegan challenges. Many Vegan Nutritionist or Plant Based Nutritionist programs can be generalized to the public and not customized to your needs. That’s why I focus my efforts as an online vegan personal trainer to reach the entire vegan community as a vegan trainer or plant based trainer. While many people have the goals of extreme weight loss, I also have helped people get healthier, stronger, more lean and toned over the years.  I have dozens of vegan weight loss stories posted on my website, but most importantly I am here for the longrun to be an online vegan coach to help the needs of hundreds more people with plant based fitness.  Not only do I consider myself an online vegan coach but I am a vegan nutrition coach who has experienced being overweight and struggling with diet as well. I am a gluten free personal trainer who understands food allergies and medical conditions that make it hard to achieve optimal nutrition without expert advice.  A vegan dietitian or vegan RD might have a more detailed specific approach to writing vegan meal plans or a plant based meal plan, but I personally create homemade gluten-free vegan recipes on a regular basis to share with my clients as a plant-based nutrition coach. Try some of my free vegan recipes before joining a vegan challenge with gluten free vegan recipes. It may benefit you to try my macro tracker or goal calculations to make the plan more specific to your needs, and as a vegan coach and gluten free trainer I am experienced and ready to help you. My vegan recipe plans are geared toward vegan weight loss or overall health and include dozens of gluten free vegan recipes that are both delicious and healing to the body.  Try a plant-based nutritionist or plant based nutrition coach to meet your nutritional needs today!

Plant-Based Nutrition Coach for Extreme Weight Loss | Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes for any Plant Based Meal Plan | Goal Calculations and Macro Tracker for Vegan Fitness

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Showing all 2 results