The 14-Day Vegan Challenge


Select number of Vegan Recipe Challenge Plans from the drop-down menu then choose from a list of plan(s) via email.  We have a dozen to choose from, plus a 7-day vegan kickstart plan to get you started.

Most of our plans are very unique in the type of ingredients or recipes we choose.  They typically include 3 meal recipes + 1 snack recipe per day, with one bonus dessert.  Our juice recipes are part of a Detox Plan, including 3 juices, 1 snack, 1 protein smoothie, and 1 dinner recipe per day to help you cleanse your body and eat clean!



Try some of our Vegan Recipe Plans!

Follow my Easy Recipe Plan! The 14 Day Vegan Recipe Challenge is your key to success for weight loss, fat burning, improved health, and even muscle toning!  Learn easy recipes with these vegan recipe plans. The creator of this plan is a Vegan Personal Trainer with over 4 years of experience in coaching Nutrition & Fitness.

What you Get with every 14-Day Vegan Challenge:

  1. 24 Unique & Yummy Vegan Gluten-Free Recipes 
  2. Two Menus to provide a sample weekly schedule
  3. Two Grocery Lists to help you prep your meals
  4. Two Check-ins with a Certified Nutrition Coach

14 Day Vegan Challenge at Kelly Athletics LLC

The 14-Day Vegan Recipe Plans Mission is to follow my taste-tested and approved vegan recipes along with exercise to get healthy and fit! I make sure these delicious, healthy recipes are time-saving & inexpensive so that anyone can do it! With 100% of the recipes including a gluten-free option, I do all the hard work for you! I put the recipe plan together into a weekly menu with a detailed grocery list of all the ingredients you will need. Once you get your groceries, your main task is to follow my easy as 1-2-3 recipes! By staying focused on the menu and participating in our weekly nutrition check-ins, you will undoubtedly develop both healthy eating and exercise habits.

Your Vegan Nutrition Coach! I’m Kelly Gibson, and I lost 75 pounds by following vegan recipe plans just like the 14 day plans, which led me to this amazing career!

If you are looking for something fun and easy to keep you accountable to diet and exercise… Join now! Receive a 2-week plant-based menu by trying my Vegan Recipe Plans!  Receive materials via email and join a motivational Facebook group to help you lose weight, prep meals, & learn new recipes! All of this for less than $2 a day!  ^^ Sign Up Today! Just scroll back up and Add to Cart! ^^ *Updated as of 8/10/17. Plans purchased prior to this date cannot receive check-ins but were given the opportunity to join a facebook group during their program.*

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