The 28-Day Fitness Challenge


Are you ready to transform your life with plant-based fitness? Participate in this amazing 28-day fitness challenge program! The main mission of this challenge is to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan for 28 days to kickstart your weight loss. This is an introduction program to Kelly Athletics including easy vegan recipes and tough personal trainer workouts. Get pumped up to learn nutrition and fitness tips each week while working 1-on-1 with a Certified Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer.  Receive weekly coaching, video lessons, recipes, workout plans, and more!

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28-Day Fitness Challenge: Easy Recipes, Tough Workouts

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Join this 28-Day Fitness Challenge to start your Fitness Journey with Kelly Athletics

Why Join?:

  • Get introduced to our main fitness & nutrition services by starting this low-cost program
  • Challenge yourself for 28 days to complete recipes, exercises, lessons, and habits ✔.
  • Follow the plan on your own time, and check-in with me weekly for a fitness coaching call.
  • Get support, accountability, and motivation from a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.

What is included in the challenge:

  • A measurement sheet to record and compare progress from day 1 to day 28
  • Learn four new ways to adopt healthy habits – 2 video lessons and 2 written lessons.
  • A daily workout plan to get 15 minutes of activity in 5 times per week.
  • Learn 12 unique exercises and 4 unique stretches to start burning calories.
  • 13 unique recipes with a menu & grocery list to jump-start your nutrition
  • Get a quick 5-minute coaching call every week to keep you on track.
  • A calendar, 4 weekly checklists, a daily checklist, and end-of month checklist to follow
  • Surprise Bonuses! Each challenge has a different bonus for you.