For Muscle Weakness: Corrective Stretching Plans to Maximize Strength


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Do you have Specific Muscles that you want to focus on building? You might not even realize it, but corrective stretching enhances muscle growth in specific muscles – here’s how:

Did you know? Having a weakened muscle on one part of the body can create tight muscles on other parts of the body? My corrective stretching plans will enhance strength training of it’s opposing muscle thus creating maximized strength and muscle group. If you’re not sure which corrective stretching plan you need, call me to set up a Manual Muscle Test to assess which of your muscles you should focus on stretching and/or building.

Select a Corrective Stretching Plan based upon a desire to strengthen the following muscle(s):
Adductor Complex or Gracilis | Adductor Magnus | Anterior Neck Flexor | Anterolateral Flexors or Posterolateral Extensors | Biceps Femoris | Gluteus Maximus or Gluteus Medius | Hip External Rotators | Iliopsoas and Sartorius | Latissimus Dorsi | Lower Trapezius | Medial Hamstrings | Rectus Abdominis and Oblique Abdominals | Rhomboids | Serratus Anterior | Shoulder External Rotators | Shoulder Internal Rotators | TFL
If you have Muscle Weakness, it might just be a compensation in a tight muscle that needs stretched! Use my corrective stretching plans to help stretch out overactive muscles so that you can focus on strengthening the underactive weak muscle much faster!  Improve muscle weakness today and even try Corrective Strengthening as part of your program! Text me to set up a free consultation at 480-270-49six8.