4-Week Fitness Challenge


Are you ready to transform your life with plant-based fitness? Participate in this amazing month-to-month program! The main mission of this challenge is to eat as many unprocessed homemade plant based meals as you can for 28 days and counting. Get pumped to try unique new recipes, exercises, and habits each week with the support of a Certified Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer. Receive nutrition & fitness education with weekly coaching, video lessons, accountability, and more!

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Challenge Benefits:

1 Month Membership

  • Receive 20-40% off* any regularly priced services (Unlimited value)

3 Month Membership

  • FREE 7-Day Vegan KickStart ($15 value)
  • Receive 20-40% off* any regularly priced services (Unlimited value)

6 Month Membership

  • FREE 14-Day Vegan Recipe Plan ($35 value)
  • Online Nutrition and Fitness Evaluation: two 30-minute sessions ($75 value)
  • Receive 20-40% off* any regularly priced services (Unlimited value)

*Discounts not valid on memberships or packages. Discounts valid for individual recipe plans, workout plans, coaching sessions, training sessions, and other nutrition/fitness tools. Members only receive discount benefits with an active membership.

Vow to Change Now and Join the Fitness Challenge!



4-Week Fitness Challenge: Vow to Change Now!
Start your Challenge at anytime!

Type of Video Lessons You May Receive in your Fitness Challenge (plus instruction):

Join this Online Fitness Challenge to start your AMAZING Fitness Journey

Why Join?:

  • Get introduced to our main fitness & nutrition services by choosing this affordable program
  • Save 20-40%* off other Kelly Athletics’ services by being an active member.
  • Challenge yourself daily to complete recipes and exercises, and follow a weekly habit ✔.
  • Receive materials and content via email, and check-in with me weekly on a 1-on-1 basis.
  • Work with a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer for accountability, support and motivation.

What is included in the challenge:

  • 5-min coaching check-in via text or facebook chat every week.
  • Motivational tips on creating a four new habits (one per week).
  • Four video lessons or written articles about any Nutrition or Fitness topic.
  • 12 fifteen-minute workouts: strength, HIIT, or calisthenics plans (12 total exercises)
  • 12 unique recipes with menu & grocery list to jump-start your nutrition
  • A measurement sheet to record and compare progress from day 1 to day 28
  • 4 weekly checklists, a daily checklist, and end-of month checklist to follow
  • A program summary including all content from the month for you to save and print
  • One bonus educational tool as selected by your coach (changes from month to month)