Stretching Plans to Improve Flexibility


Corrective Stretching Plans with Photos of Stretches that will improve any Limited Range of Motion. One of the most important parts of improving strength and flexibility is Corrective Stretching to target specified muscle groups.



Do you have a poor Range of Motion?

Try my Customized Stretching Plans to Improve Flexibility

If you have a limited range of motion, your muscles are probably tight which cause you to struggle in every day life as well as in your workouts at the gym. You are unable to move your arms or legs in the same way as someone else who is flexible. If it is important to you to start stretching to correct your limited range of motion, try my stretching plans!  I spent dozens of hours customizing stretches for muscles that impact each range of motion issue, and included photos of stretches that will correct your specific muscle groups that are limited.
These Stretching Plans will Improve Flexibility for the following movements:
  • Dorsiflexion, Anterior or Posterior Tibialis
  • Hip Abduction
  • Hip Extension
  • Hip External Rotation
  • Hip Internal Rotation
  • Knee Extension
  • Shoulder Flexion
  • GH Joint External Rotation
  • GH Joint Internal Rotation
Try these Stretching Plans to lengthen any muscles and improve flexibility.

Stretching plans that target specific muscle groups to improve any limited Range of Motion.  I am a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist who designs customized stretching and strengthening programs based on your flexibility and movements.  If you’re not sure which stretching plans you need, schedule a Movement Assessment with me to get started and to select a plan that’s best for you!  If you haven’t already, GO HERE to schedule an assessment. Contact me below or text 480-270-49six8 to set up a free consultation.

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