Introductory Nutrition Evaluation


Get started with an initial nutrition evaluation.  Appointments are available by phone or Skype.


Initial Nutrition Evaluation: Intro to Nutrition Coaching

Start with this Nutrition Evaluation to Get Started on a Nutrition Plan

Try your first two sessions today! Discuss your medical history, current diet and exercise habits, and unique goals with a 30 Minute Nutrition Evaluation.  During the evaluation, we will start with a brief introduction so we can determine what you want to get out of our time together.  I will go over a few questionnaires so I can gather a background on your health, exercise, and diet history.  A body fat analysis will be included in the evaluation to assess your total body circumference, body fat %, and Body Mass Index (BMI).  Following the first session, I will send you a summary of your session with your body fat measurements. After you complete your initial evaluation, we will meet for a follow-up session. We can set goals and choose topics of interest for a Nutrition Coaching program. With this information, I can offer exercise and diet suggestions for you to start with and topics for future appointments.

Here is what to expect from a fitness and nutrition evaluation with me:

  • Pre-Evaluation Forms (complete via email):
    • Receive questionnaires for medical history, exercise history, and diet history.
    • Follow instructions to Analyze Body Fat %, BMI, and circumference measurements.
    • Fill out an honest 7-day food journal and 7-day workout calendar to receive feedback.
  • Evaluation Session (30-minutes):
    • Clarify any concerns about the pre-evaluation questionnaires and expectations.
    • Set baseline numeric goals for weight loss, body fat, exercise, and/or nutrition.
    • I will assess your food journal and workout calendar and provide suggestions.
    • I will send an email summary of what we discuss and a personalized nutrition plan.
  • Nutrition programs: As low as $15 per week for follow-up nutrition guidance.

What is not included in the initial nutrition evaluation but offered for a different price:

It is common to want to rush to get a comprehensive nutrition/fitness plan with all the nitty gritty details, but the most effective nutrition and fitness plans take it one step at a time.  I encourage you to not get ahead of yourselves as getting healthy is a learning process, and requires lifestyle changes that cannot happen overnight. Studies show that following one new habit per week is most effective for long-term success. As your Fitness Coach & Nutrition Coach, I will be prepared to to help you get moving on your journey but without rushing it.

After you complete your follow-up session, we can book weekly Fitness or Nutrition Coaching sessions and/or weekly Check-Ins to further address your goals.  During coaching sessions, we can cover the topics most important to you and relevant to your situation. Coaching sessions allow for 15-30 minutes of my time per session. It is best to keep the sessions short so that you are not overwhelmed with too much information at once. If you need more time than what is allotted, you can book extra time as needed by purchasing more time slots.  With a coaching program, I can help you select foods to introduce to your diet, basic exercise and diet suggestions, set new weekly goals, or provide a nutrition or fitness lesson. If you are looking for an online Nutrition Coach or Fitness Coach, contact me at 480-270-49six8 or fill out the form below to request a free consultation. Upon purchasing an Evaluation, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule it.

If you LOVED your nutrition evaluation or need further assistance, try one of my standard or comprehensive plans:

standard-plant-based-nutrition-plans-weekly-check-ins-vegan-nutritionist      comprehensive-nutrition-plans-vegan-plant-based-nutritionist-food-journal-support