Fitness Coaching Trial


15-Minute Fitness Coaching Sessions – check in for accountability every week!


What’s Included in a 7-Day Trial:

*One 15-Minute Coaching Call

*One follow-up Fitness Plan

*One follow-up Fitness Check-In

Try one week of 1-on-1 fitness coaching for only $30!


Online Fitness Coaching

Start with a 1-on-1 Fitness Evaluation to maximize Fitness Coaching 

My Fitness Plans are for the client who needs an overhaul of their workout program and is looking to gain knowledge on exercise technique and program variation.  The first two sessions of Fitness Coaching are a Fitness Evaluation and follow-up session to gather information and set goals. If you have already completed a Fitness Evaluation, you’re ready for Fitness Coaching to address your unique needs. An Fitness Coach takes a motivational approach toward changing exercise habits and physical activity patterns.  By focusing on habit-based changes, you can start applying what you learn about exercise quickly and easily.  Each coaching session will cover a topic of interest, and I will provide a lesson and educational materials that you can take home with you. With my certifications, I can provide professional guidelines, protocols, and templates about designing training programs.  Learn valuable protocols that I apply to my Personal Training programs, and build your own plans.

Fitness Coach Certifications:

  • PTA Global: Behavior Change in Exercise, 2017
  • NASM: Corrective Exercise Specialist, 2015
  • Beachbody: INSANITY Certified, 2014
  • NASM: Certified Personal Trainer, 2012
  • Experience: 5 years of Personal Training and Coaching

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