Weekly Nutrition Plans


Weekly Nutrition Plans with 15-Minute Nutrition Coaching Sessions for 6 weeks, 3 months, or 6 months. Check in for accountability and progress weekly.



Online Nutrition Plans with 15 Minute Nutrition Coaching Calls

Start with a 1-on-1 Nutrition Evaluation to receive Plant Based Nutrition Plans:

Online Nutrition Coaching is for the client who needs a complete overhaul of their diet and is ready to get educated on nutrition.  The first two sessions of nutrition coaching are a Nutrition Evaluation and follow-up session to gather information and set goals.  If you have already completed a Nutrition Evaluation, you’re ready for Plant Based Nutrition Coaching to address your unique needs! Nutrition Coaching is a motivational approach toward changing nutritional behaviors.  By focusing on habit-based changes, you can start applying what you learn quickly and easily.  Each coaching session will cover a topic of interest, and I will provide a lesson and educational materials that you can take home with you. With multiple nutrition certifications, I can provide professional coaching and science-based knowledge on nutrition.

Nutrition Certifications:

  • eCornell Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition, 2014
  • Precision Nutrition: Level 1 Coach in Exercise Nutrition, 2013
  • Experience: 3+ years 0f Nutrition Coaching, hosted dozens of 14-Day Vegan Challenges, Speaker for Plant-Based Fitness
  • Other: Designed Macro Tracker tool and Calorie Calculator tool for tracking calories, carbs, fats, proteins, exercise and weight goals

If you are looking for Plant Based Nutrition Coaching Online, I am available via phone or skype for coaching. Following each Nutrition Coaching session, I will send you a summary of your session with helpful information to get you started such as foods to start introducing to your diet, basic exercise and nutrition plan to start following, calculated calorieand macro goals, and heart rate zones! Then we can set you up on a Personal Training or Nutrition Coaching program that is customized to your goals. If you have been looking for a Nutrition Coach online, text me at 480-270-49six8 or sign up online to request a free consultation.

Select from our many options for a Nutrition Coaching Program. The more sessions you buy, the more benefits you get! Based on your availability, choose a program that fits your schedule.  For weight loss, I recommend meeting at least once per week. If you need fast results or extra guidance, twice a week would make a big difference. You can buy a program now, then book your appointments with me over the phone or via email. Buy now then book your appointments with Kelly over the phone 480-270-49six8!