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Ultimate Ab Workouts for Women

Ultimate Ab Workouts for Women

If you want the absolute toughest and most effective abdominal exercises around, you need to check this out! These are the absolute best ab workouts for women who want to lose weight.  Kelly Athletics was offered an interview, and I (Kelly Gibson) was then featured in The Active Times for my expertise in Weight Loss Training for women.  During the interview, I was asked the following questions pertaining to my knowledge about core training exercises for women who want to lose weight and targeted ab exercises for fast results.

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Here are the Questions I answer in the The Active Times ab workouts for women article:

1.       Is it more difficult for women to eventually get a 6-pack? How so?

2.       What is the biggest difference between men and women when it comes to ab muscles? (Is it that women have more fat?)

3.       Realistically speaking, how fast can an average women – someone with a 9-5 job who works out 3-4 times a week – can expect to see a 6-pack?

4.       I read about a Pilates trick of pulling the belly button in ensuring that you're working the deepest ab muscle. Is that really a thing?

5.       Do you recommend exercises that hit the entire core or just the ab muscles?

6.       How often should women work out the midsection in order to get fit and avoid injuries?

7.       What’s your favorite, or most effective exercise, in your opinion for the abs?

8.       Can you describe a few abs exercises you often have clients do? And why those?

9.       What are the best, and/or hardest exercises specifically targeting the upper abs, obliques, and lower abs?

10.   What other exercises or diet changes should women combine an ab workout for quicker results?

11.   Do you recommend crunches and situps? Why?


If you want to hear my professional opinion on these topics and get answers to any of the questions, definitely check out the article below and be sure to check out the awesome slideshow!

If you want to get 6-pack abs, we share exactly what you need to do to get shredded fast with Ultimate Ab Workouts! Click the image above for the full article.


Written by Kelly Gibson, Online Personal Trainer | NASM Certified, 5 years of experience | Sign up Here

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How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

How To Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau
Are you constantly exercising, dieting, and still can’t get past your weight loss plateau?!


Here are some tips on how to manage this:

1. Weight gain does not mean fat gain.  Assess the food you are eating because calories are not always the cause of weight gain. Sometimes bloating can come from too much sodium, or being a bit constipated or backed up. If you eat more whole foods and less processed foods, you can reduce your sodium intake and increase fiber intake to flush out the added weight rather quickly.

2. Nutrients you are getting – are you missing something from your diet? take multivitamin or supplement if you are lacking.

3. How much water do you drink?  If you are dehydrated you can easily overeat or your body will hold more sodium, again creating a bloated unhappy feeling with potential weight gain. Cleansing can help get rid of toxins, so drink your water at every meal and consider a 3-day Shakeology Cleanse or Thisilyn Cleanse. (I have had positive results with both of these, but no I do not sell them).

4. Take multiple measurements – body fat %, circumference measurements, and the scale. Don’t always rely on one number because you could making improvements in one place and not another!  The scale is sometimes a false reading of your true progress and can make you think you are getting fat when you are actually losing fat, holding water and/or building muscle.

5. How hard are you working? Increase the intensity of your workouts to burn fat faster, such as high intensity interval training or HIIT workouts.  Lifting heavier weights can also increase your metabolism for up to 36 hours.  Walking or jogging for an hour can be a waste of time if you aren’t burning fat. If you want to know why click here.

Written by Kelly Gibson on November 30, 2012

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